For many, this word means that it’s time to go back to school but at the Domaine Matray, it’s time for the grape harvest in the Beaujolais. So havesters from all 4 corners of France and beyond converge to share in a moment of fraternity between laughter and misbehavior, all here are happy to meet new people or see old faces. Fayant, Bois de Chat, 4 Cerisers ou Grand Carré, are the names that set pace to the day from day one, the ritual is set: Bbreakfast, morning tea and glasses of white wine, pepper the grape picking with cheerfulness.


But far too soon comes the Revoul, mixed emotions: exhilaration tinted with sadness and intoxication. Nothing will be forgotten, provided that we get drunk together Lilian, Sandrine, Cyrian and Célia we were happy to be a part of this wonderful family during a few days of this month, and it’s with humbleness that I simply wish to say “THANK YOU, to all the MATRAY family”.

Michel, 3rd time harvester at the Domaine Matray