From a winemaking family spanning 5 generations, Lilian Matray, his wife Sandrine and his daughter Célia work the family estate.

The estate buildings are in Juliénas, a charming little Beaujolais village, while the estate’s vines grow on 11 hectares of slopes that are not only in the Juliénas appellation area. The variety of the soils give the very typical, fruity Beaujolais aromas and flavours of each specific appellation.

Here vinegrowing is our sole vocation: ‘Wine is first and foremost a ‘terroir’ (that alchemy of land, microclimate, grape variety and not least the vinegrower himself), it is also a profession and, above all, a passion.

We have mastered all the work in the vines from pruning to harvest, which remains manual.

Following on from this is winemaking itself right up to sales. Each stage is indissociable and receives as much care and thought as the last. On our estate love, patience and tradition together give remarkable wines that combine typicity, generosity and finesse.

Since Genesis, this venerable drink that is wine, has always been part of Man’s destiny.

Wine is the work of a craftsman, where the winemaker, intent upon his wine follows its fortunes intimately. He bends over his vines to give them the loving care they need to produce the finest of grapes. Once the harvest is done he makes the wine and carries it through to its fulfilment; tasting.

Lilian, Sandrine et Célia Matray





hectares of vineyards